Head in the clouds

August 6th, 2010 | EA/V, EDM, ForSight, Power Agent | No Comments »

I recently read an article from a CTO of a major US system integrator that viewed (strongly, I must add), that Cloud Computing is “the new growth platform” for government …etc.

Where is his basis for this?  The US federal government is still experimenting with this idea, yes the idea of implementing a Cloud solution within its very fragile infrastructure and architecture.

Many issues arise from simply mentioning cloud. Ownership of the information once placed out in the cybercloud,. Every agency views its data as the source of all things USA and releasing it to an open unknown is crippling to federal agency CIOs/CTOs.

Data Rights Management (DRM) is the unspoken battle that  federal agencies bicker amongst themselves, especialy when multiple sources of data and information are blended into a new faction of information.

How does one calculate the majority owner a mash-up sources of information?

Finally, security is the main issue and choke point for our government. Having an open mass of data without a defined structure of protection is taboo. Until vendors seriously consider this core requirement, and address it, the concept of cloud computing leaves System Integrators in a fog.

A Penny for your thoughts… Better yet, what’s its worth to you?

July 26th, 2010 | EA/V, EDM, Power Agent | No Comments »

Recently, I’ve come across the idea that within IT, people (especially users of IT) become accustomed to things just working. It’s a rare bird that worries about the “what ifs”, and could we afford the what ifs, if & when they occur.

For example: Everything is running optimally within your infrastructure and Operations is flowing in the “Green” state (Green is open for interpretation) then…

Hell in a hand-basket erupts and your critical apps and the associated data are corrupted and lost… What is the worth of having an app that provides an assurance to intelligently predict the upcoming events leading to a massive, or not so massive failure to an infrastructure?

Good used road bike for training and triathalon duty?

July 14th, 2010 | Ironman | 1 Comment »

Let’s get this blog rolling. Anyone got any tips or suggestions on good places to look at road bikes, and perhaps a good place to find an inexpensive starter road bike for the first time triathlete??